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Best Appetite Suppressants of 2021: Weight Loss Pills, Impulse Control & Burn Stubborn Fat

Best Appetite Suppressants of 2021 (fsm 1)

Your appetite is an inherent aspect of your physiology that keeps you alive. However, you may find yourself managing difficult situations and demanding schedules that cause you to overeat and that keep you from maintaining a solid grasp on your indulgences. If you’re having a hard time controlling your appetite, you may benefit from an appetite suppressant.

Appetite suppressants may help you adjust your eating schedule, choose foods that are nutrient-dense, and give you the energy you need to handle your days with confidence.

Appetite suppressants aren’t the end-all, be-all. While an appetite suppressant alone may help you lose a couple of pounds, you should consider creating a well-rounded approach to weight loss that incorporates appetite suppressants as a supplement to your regimen for weight loss. Especially if you tend to reach for food as a way of coping with your emotions, appetite suppressants can help you recognize when you’re actually full and keep you on track with healthy sustenance.

Below, we present our top five appetite suppressants for 2021 and list their ingredients, how they work, and our overall pros and cons. Weight loss takes time, dedication, and a helpful boost to get you there faster, so you don’t lose motivation.

Top 5 Summary

1. PhenQ - Best Overall

2. TrimTone - Top Supplement for Women

3. Instant Knockout - Ideal for Athletes

4. Zotrim - Clinically Proven Effective

5. Keto Trim - Best for Ketogenic Diet

How Did We Make This List?

Appetite suppressant products can be found anywhere you look, and the sheer amount of available products can be overwhelming, especially when you’re tackling something as important as weight loss. Knowing which product to use once you’ve committed to a new lifestyle is crucial for your success. We considered a couple of factors:

Ingredients List

Unfortunately, some products contain synthetic ingredients, which can cause a host of side effects that leave you feeling defeated instead of energized. We check to confirm all ingredients are natural and purposeful and won’t leave you dealing with any nasty side effects.

Customer Reviews

Customers are the ones who let us know if a product does what it says it does. We looked through customer reviews to see which products offered that helping hand they were looking for as they achieved their weight loss goals.


Most expensive isn’t always better and the cost of weight loss supplements can vary wildly. We picked the top favorites we feel are worth shelling out the cash for.

Appetite Suppressant Reviews

1. PhenQ - Best Overall


Easy to use formula

Money back guarantee

Prescription not required

Free shipping for your orders



PhenQ is a dietary supplement that incorporates several ingredients that work together to provide you with an all-encompassing weight loss solution. These pills include:

• Capsimax Powder, which is a blend of ingredients known to have strong thermogenic properties, meaning they help you tackle weight loss by increasing your body heat.

• Chromium Picolinate, which is an essential natural mineral found in healthy foods, like meats and vegetables. Chromium helps your body absorb as much sugar as possible, which lessens the cravings you experience for high-carb and high-sugar foods.

• Caffeine, to reduce fatigue and increase focus while also reducing your hunger and raising your body heat.

• Nopal, which helps with energy boosts and reduces fluid retention.

• L-Carnitine Fumarate, which moves stored fat into energy, helping you slim down while also counteracting the tired effects often associated with dieting.

This supplement is new on the market and was designed carefully to give you the benefits of other weight loss products available. In fact, they took what’s worked from other formulations and developed a proprietary blend that gives you the power of multiple weight loss supplements all in one. With PhenQ, you can reveal the body that’s just beneath your fat stores. Eating less and cutting calories is made a lot easier because your appetite is suppressed by the many powerful ingredients in this supplement.

How Does It Work?

Working from every angle, PhenQ helps block fat production, which stops weight gain at its tracks. Plus, you get the kind of energy and mood boosts that help you feel in control throughout your weight loss journey. PhenQ trademarked their proprietary formula, calling it ?-Lacys Reset® after spending time using cutting edge science and research.

This formula works to accelerate your metabolism and get your thermogenesis up and running, which then encourages your body to burn fat fast and meet your ideal physique in less time.

When your metabolism is firing at top speed, your body responds by increasing heat production, and for your body to generate this heat, it has to burn calories. So, you’re left with melted fat stores that reveal the body of your dreams.

Learn more at PhenQ.com

2. TrimTone - Best Supplement for Women


GMP certified

Made in the USA

Free delivery

Money back guarantee


Product is not formulated for men

TrimTome is a 100% natural fat burner formulated specially for women. Not only does it boost your metabolism, but it also reduces your appetite while helping you burn fat. The ingredients in TrimTone are free from unnecessary, questionable additives, and include only the simplest and effective ingredients:

• Caffeine to promote calorie burning through thermogenesis and the breakdown of fat through the process of lipolysis.

• Green Coffee, which is thought to limit the glucose and fat absorbed by your gut when consuming foods and lowers your insulin levels, which results in improved metabolism.

• Green Tea works toward increasing the hormones that promote the breakdown of your body fat and it’s also thought to reduce the total amount of carbs your body absorbs.

• Grains of Paradise is an herb that helps increase brown adipose tissue, which warms your body and promotes caloric expenditure. This herb is also known to keep your blood sugar level steady, which means your energy will remain even keeled throughout the day, limiting your food cravings.

• Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that enlarges inside your stomach and makes you feel fuller for a longer period. This results in less temptations between and during meals, keeping your intake at a minimum.

TrimTone is intelligent with their ingredient list, backing each ingredient with scientific studies that substantiate their claims. Plus, while other dietary supplements take one good ingredient and pack it inside a pill (which causes bloat and discomfort), TrimTone keeps the dosages friendly for you and your tummy.

How Does It Work?

You only need one capsule per day, taken before breakfast along with a glass of water. It works by assisting you with your daily calorie expenditure and boosting your natural fat burning process. Plus, with their natural ingredient list, you are given the support you need for performance enhancement, which gives you the extra umph you need to tackle all your workouts.

Overall, these one-a-day capsules help your body keep your sugar levels regulated, fire up thermogenesis for the extra calorie burn, and keep you satiated longer, so you can easily say no to the cravings that used to dominate you.

Learn more at Tromtine.com

3. Instant Knockout - Ideal for Athletes


Boosts natural metabolic rate

Reduces hunger and cravings

Increases your energy levels

100% natural ingredients


Recommended dose includes four capsules per day

Instant Knockout is a weight loss support product specially formulated for athletes. They created a product that not only triggers a whole-body burn, but that also encourages weight loss by improving your metabolism. This supplement contains nine key ingredients:

• Green Tea Extract is the top ingredient in Instant Knockout because it is filled with bioactive polyphenols called catechins. It gets your metabolism revved up and breaks down the energy stored in your fat cells. You’ll have tons of energy to tackle your days and all your workouts.

• Cayenne Pepper Seeds so you benefit from the capsaicin, which is the primary fat-fighting compound at work with this ingredient. And if you’re worried about spice? Don’t be. They use just enough to have effect, but not enough for you to feel it.

• Glucomannan is a natural fiber from the konjac plant that works toward keeping your food cravings in check while also reducing your appetite.

• Caffeine Anhydrous is the powerhouse ingredient that keeps you bursting through even your toughest workout routines. Plus, you get a cognitive kick to keep you focused and dialed in all day.

• Vitamin B6 is a perfectly balanced ingredient that helps to bring it all together. It contributes to fat burning through increasing your metabolism while also helping you build muscle. It tackles fat oxidation and helps you regulate your fat and carbs to keep you on track with your meal plans.

• Vitamin B12 to keep your diet, mood, and immune system in great health as you work to create a more svelte physique.

• Vitamin D3 to keep your blood pressure steady and protect your bones while you work out. Research also finds a link between Vitamin D and Body Mass Index (BMI), so it supports your weight loss efforts as well.

• L-Theanine, which works in conjunction with caffeine to keep you from experiencing jitters or energy crashes. It also promotes a sense of calm, which aids with your sleep cycles.

• Piperine is black pepper extract that gets your metabolism going, increases thermogenesis, and works toward suppressing the creation of new fat cells.

Instant Knockout was originally formulated as a side project, meant specifically for MMA fighters facing strict deadlines. They made this product available for anyone looking to get in peak shape, so you can enjoy the fat burning benefits previously only offered to elite athletes.

How Does It Work?

Instant Knockout uses the latest research to formulate a dietary supplement that gives your metabolism the boost it needs. Simply put, the faster your metabolism, the less fat storage you have. And they take it one step further, using ingredients that keep your appetite stable so you can meet your dietary requirements every day with ease. With your diet in check and your metabolism revving like an engine, you can dominate your workouts and get cut faster.

Learn more at InstantKnockout.com

4. Zotrim - Clinically Proven Effective


Vegan friendly

Natural herbal ingredients

Free delivery

100% money back guarantee


Product is only available online

Zotrim has been a proven and trusted weight loss product since 2001. Their clinically proven appetite suppressant helps control hunger and cravings and even outperforms prescription drugs in trials. With Zotrim, weight loss is made simple. Create a caloric deficit, incorporate a regular exercise routine, and use the helping hand Zotrim offers to make those two vital steps to weight loss a lot easier and enjoyable. Their list of natural ingredients includes the following:

• Yerba Maté Leaf Extract to reduce your appetite and keep you from becoming fatigued. It is also packed with antioxidants and invigorates you with energy so you can finish your workouts strong.

• Guarana Seed Extract is often an ingredient seen in energy drinks and there’s a reason for that. It has more caffeine than coffee! Along with the energy pick-me-up, Guarana also boosts your metabolism, increasing your daily fat burn.

• Damiana Leaf Extract gives your mood a gentle enhancement that is especially helpful if you tend to use food as a coping mechanism. With this ingredient, you find a helping hand that keeps you from reaching in the pantry for mindless snacking.

• Caffeine to keep pumped with energy throughout the day and give you a cognitive boost.

• Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 are crucial components of a healthy diet and they work to convert your food into energy. Plus, they keep you from feeling fatigued, which is often a common side effect when you cut calories and begin an exercise routine.

The effects of Zotrim have been proven in five clinical trials. 10 expert-approved papers were published in scientific journals detailing the effects and benefits of this weight loss product.

How Does It Work?

Zotrim works in several different ways. First, it helps you keep a good handle on your diet and stay within your ideal portions. It also helps you stay fuller for longer and keep from snacking throughout the day. And because it enhances your energy levels, you stay focused and active for longer, especially during exercise. And when Zotrim is taken an hour before exercise, more body fat is burned as fuel throughout your workout. Even if you’re not following a specific diet and exercise plan, Zotrim is proven to help people lose 10 times more weight than others who took a placebo.

Learn more at Zotrim.com

5. Keto Trim - Best for Ketogenic Diet


Promotes ketosis

Non-GMO formula


With GOBHB®, a proprietary blend


Not vegan friendly

Keto Trim was formulated to help you jump start ketosis when you’re following a ketogenic diet. You’re basically getting a supercharger to get you moving in the right direction on your keto journey. The keto diet has gained popularity in recent years and plenty have found weight loss success following the low carb, high fat, moderate protein lifestyle. Keto Trim provides you with ketone bodies so you can have carb-free energy for daily use.

Their ingredient list is made up of three healthy salts to create a proprietary blend:




Additional ingredients include:


Rice Flour

Magnesium Stearate

Silicon Dioxide

How Does It Work?

Keto Trim complements ketogenesis, which is when your liver converts fats into ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are then used as fuel for your muscles and your brain. When you begin restricting carbohydrates, the process of getting into ketosis can be tough. Staying in ketosis is equally as challenging and that’s where Keto Trim comes in. You can fly right past the “keto flu” and keep your energy levels up without carbs.

Learn more at KetoTrim.co

Who Should Use Appetite Suppressants?

People who have a goal to lose weight can incorporate appetite suppressants into their overall shifts in lifestyle. This could be for a short-term goal to get the boost and benefits associated with weight loss supplements, or it could become a part of your longer-term regimen to get stubborn fat off the body that has been accumulating for years.

While some medical conditions may require a prescribed appetite suppressant, those are primarily for people who are morbidly obese, such as those who are at least 100lbs over their ideal weight or those who suffer from diabetic conditions.

However, if you’re looking to lose weight, burn fat, and obtain more focus and energy to tackle your workouts, appetite suppressants can work in a complementary way along with a good diet and exercise routine to help you achieve results faster and more efficiently.

The most important mindset to take when considering the use of appetite suppressants is commitment to a healthy lifestyle. These pills, though packed with powerful and effective ingredients, are not a substitute for other healthy choices, like the incorporation of nutrient-dense foods and regular workouts.

Ultimately, you should understand that weight loss is achieved through burning more calories than you eat in a day. Appetite suppressants assist with that goal, as they help you control hunger, which helps you control your daily food intake. They also help you burn more calories but are not a substitute for healthy workouts. Consider how appetite suppressants can complement your lifestyle changes and make a commitment to reach your goals.

Benefits of Appetite Suppressant Supplements

Appetite suppressant supplements have several benefits, including:

Aid with burning stubborn fat.

Weight loss can feel like an uphill battle, but with an appetite suppressant, you can enjoy the benefits of extra fat burning while you tackle your days. It’s like getting a running start on your weight loss journey with a personal trainer helping you stay on track, burning more fat than you would without it.

Help curb all those pesky cravings.

When you move into a calorie deficit, it’s common for you to experience cravings for foods that aren’t the healthiest for your weight loss journey. It can be hard to deal with cravings using just your will, so appetite suppressants can be a welcome supplement to keep those cravings at bay.

Keep you feeling fuller longer.

Maintaining a calorie deficit means you have to mind your meals and limit your snacks between meals. With the incorporation of an appetite suppressant, you feel fuller longer, which helps you stay on track with your daily calorie goals.

Increased energy, focus, and alertness.

When you make a lifestyle change that incorporates dieting and exercise, it’s common for you to feel fatigued and foggy. With an appetite suppressant that incorporates energy-producing ingredients, like caffeine, you can maintain an invigorated feeling that not only helps you day to day but helps you power through your exercise routines.

Block the production of fat.

Appetite suppressants also assist in your weight loss journey by blocking the creation of new fat cells. Even if you hit a plateau or you have a cheat day, incorporating an appetite suppressant into your weight loss process can keep you from gaining new fat cells, which keeps you on track for your final goal.

Improved mood and productivity.

If dieting and exercise were the most fun and exciting lifestyle shifts, more people would be fitter than ever. The reality is that weight loss journeys can be frustrating and depressing at times because it’s not always easy to stay on track. Reaching for sweets or carbs for comfort is a common occurrence, but with an appetite suppressant, you get the mood boost which keeps you in forward momentum.

Increased muscle definition.

The more fat you burn, the more your muscles have the opportunity to shine. Appetite suppressants help you burn through all the stubborn fat, keep you energized throughout the day, and help limit hunger so you meet your daily goals - every day.

Can I lose weight by just taking an appetite suppressant?

An appetite suppressant can help you lose weight, even if you do not make drastic diet and exercise changes simply because it’ll curb your hunger and boost your metabolism. However, it is not recommended you rely solely on an appetite suppressant for your weight loss journey. If you’re just trying to get rid of a few stubborn pounds before a big event, an appetite suppressant can help you prepare for that big day. But if you’ve been carrying around extra fat for years, you’ll need to consider how important a lifestyle change is for you to see lasting results. Appetite suppressants work amazingly when paired with healthy eating habits and regular workout regimens.

Use appetite suppressants as an aid in your overall weight loss process, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much they can help you stay on track with your progress. From the energy boosts to how they enhance your metabolism, appetite suppressants are meant to support your other efforts, including portion control and regular workouts.

Side Effects of Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants may cause several different side effects, including:

Difficulty with bowel movements; constipation

Change in sense of taste

Dry mouth


Increased heart rate

Increased blood pressure

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you should avoid taking appetite suppressants:



Liver disease

Heart disease

Other OTC Suppressants

You can find several over-the-counter appetite suppressants at your local pharmacy. Some of these include:

Garcinia Cambogia

This is an extract from the peel of the Garcinia gummi-gutta fruit and is known for its ability to promote weight loss and suppress appetite, while helping you feel fuller longer.

Bitter Orange

This is a type of orange that contains a compound called synephrine, which helps in the reduction of appetite.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is naturally found in foods like beef and dairy and can be found over the counter as a concentrated supplement. It aids with appetite regulation and increases the number of calories you burn, even at rest.

Saffron Extract

Saffron extract comes from the female portion of the saffron flower. It helps to boost your mood and increase feelings of satiation, so you naturally limit your food intake on a regular basis.


When your eyes have a bigger appetite than your stomach and you’ve been struggling to get rid of excess fat, appetite suppressants are a helpful solution that keep you on track with your weight loss goals. Choose the formula that’s best for you - whether you’re a pro athlete who needs a boost or you’re working hard to get rid of stubborn belly fat, there is a formula that was created specifically to meet your needs.

With PhenQ, you get a high-quality product that tackles weight loss from every angle, making sure you have a faster metabolism, so you burn more fat throughout the day. TrimTone is designed specifically for women and keeps their ingredients simple and their dosages easy so you don’t experience any negative side effects. Instant Knockout is for the athlete who wants to further define muscles. Zotrim is backed with clinical studies that show just how effective it is at helping people lose weight. Finally, Keto Trim is perfect if you’ve decided to commit to the ketogenic lifestyle.

After reviewing the options above, which is the best one for your weight loss goals? Dropping weight is no easy task, but with a helpful dietary supplement, you can stay on the road to your ultimate goal. Pick your supplement and take the journey; you’re worth it.

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