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Celebrate Summer Safely with Shep Boys Waste Management

Shep Boys Waste Management

Summer isn’t far away! The season is looking exceptionally bright: as more restaurants, bars, and venues can reopen their doors, many people are looking forward to the return of special gatherings and events. But even though we’re all excited to enjoy everything from backyard barbecues and long-awaited weddings to outdoor concerts and food festivals, there’s still one big question on lots of minds: what can we do to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while at group events?

The best way to gather safely and smartly can be summarized in just two words: proper planning. Whether you’re planning to host a private event or you’re an industry professional getting ready to welcome guests back to your Houston restaurant, bar, or venue, being well-prepared is key.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have made it clear that regular handwashing is one of the best ways to combat the spread of germs, both during a pandemic and all other times. But how can you make hygiene easy and accessible for your event guests? And how do you set the stage for reliable sanitation, health awareness, and handwashing without overshadowing your event?

Thankfully, there’s a Houston-based company that can give you all these answers and more: Shep Boys Waste Management. As a leading provider of portable restrooms for rent in Houston, Shep Boys Waste Management also offers hand washing stations for special events and other occasions. With their practical solutions, you can make sure you’re hosting responsibly and prioritizing your guests, staff, and community’s health.

Protect Your Event with Professional Sanitation Services and Equipment

It might seem like distributing a few bottles of hand sanitizer around your event space is enough, but that approach is far from adequate. As the event host or planner, it’s your responsibility to provide your family and friends (or your guests and customers) with the necessary amenities. That means making sure that there are enough restrooms to accommodate your event size, as well as plenty of readily available options for handwashing.

Here are our two must-have additions for planning a COVID-safe event:


Even for small events, it can be challenging to provide adequate space and facilities for consistent handwashing. You might think that a few restrooms are enough, but increased handwashing awareness will likely lead to long lines and frustrated guests. And when other guests see that handwashing isn’t convenient, they’re more likely to skip it altogether, leading to the potential spread of germs.

Instead, why not offer more than enough opportunities for handwashing by setting up free-standing stations? Shep Boys Waste Management offers compact hand wash stations for rent in Houston, giving you an easy way to ensure that everyone is maintaining proper health hygiene. Each double-sided station holds 24 gallons of clean water (plus 24 gallons of used water), as well as soap and towels.

Because these stations are specifically designed for complete forearm washing, your guests will want to follow CDC guidelines for handwashing. Foot pump operations eliminate the need to touch a faucet handle or knob, getting rid of a point of potential exposure altogether.


Of course, if you’re going to host an outdoor event (or one with a longer guest list), portable restrooms are a must. The last thing you want is guests unable to access restrooms when they need to, especially because that can significantly negatively impact their comfort and overall event experience.

You can find portable restrooms for rent in Houston from Shep Boys Waste Management, simplifying your planning process. Their restrooms feature modern designs and smart features, like hands-free operation, increased ventilation, and hand sanitizer dispensers. Shep Boys Waste Management also offers wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms, which are fully ADA-compliant.

Tips for Hosting a COVID-Safe Event

If you’re interested in learning how to host a COVID-safe event, the City of Houston’s website is an excellent start. There, you can check updated COVID event restrictions in Houston and find specific information about event planning and permitting protocols.

Above all, proper planning is the best way to ensure your event is staying as safe as possible. And in addition to that, partnering with a team of sanitation professionals can help you be ready with the right equipment and set-up for your event. For example, how many portable restrooms do you need for a large wedding? Or, how do you know how to set up handwashing stations in the best location?

An experienced team like the one from Shep Boys Waste Management will be the ultimate resource for your event planning process. They can help you choose the right services and equipment, taking factors like your guest list, venue size, and others into consideration.

With the right preparation, we can all start rediscovering the joys of gathering safely – all while taking the right steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Get the Event Equipment You Need from Shep Boys Waste Management

Even as the current state of the pandemic and public health begins to improve, it is still vital that we all work together to mitigate the spread of germs as much as possible. This means continuing to spread awareness about the easiest ways to prevent COVID-19, like proper handwashing and sanitation.

If you’re hosting an event in the near future, you might not have realized how COVID-19 could impact the planning process. But with services from Shep Boys Waste Management, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re taking the right steps to keep your guests happy and healthy. The Houston sanitation experts will set you up with modern, comfortable portable restrooms and handwashing stations, ensuring that high-quality facilities are always accessible for guests.

For more information about how to get portable restrooms and handwashing stations for your upcoming event, contact Shep Boys Waste Management at (281) 758-5990 or [email protected].

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