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Led by Chefs Jett & Jira Hurapan, Yi Peng Thai Dining the Cuisine of Northern Thailand to Houstonians

Yi Peng Thai #2

Yi Peng Thai Dining recently opened at CityCentre and wasted no time in becoming one of Houston’s most talked-about new restaurants and a must-try for foodies and critics alike.

Looking at the professional (and personal) histories of Junnajet and Jira Hurapan, it’s virtually impossible to argue with the idea of destiny – it seems that their places in the culinary world were cemented from the beginning.

Executive Chef “Jett” started working in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant at just 14 years old, and now has decades of experience in the industry (and multiple awards) under his belt. For Chef Jira, her expertise has been shaped by her culinary pilgrimages to Thailand to study under legendary Thai cuisine expert Professor Srisamorn Kongpun. Together, they have harnessed their passions for traditional Northern Thai dishes and culture to craft a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the heart of Houston.

You may recognize Chef Jett’s name from several of the best-rated Asian restaurants in Texas, including Gigi’s Asian Bistro, BLU Restaurant & Lounge, Songkran Thai Kitchen, and Songkran Thai Grill. He has also been a part of many other acclaimed restaurants across the country, infusing every one of his professional roles with his trademark dedication and enthusiasm. Chef Jira has an equally impressive resume as a classically-trained pastry chef and is the restaurant’s resident expert on authentic cuisine in Thailand.

The menu is a symphony of authentic flavors and exceptional-quality ingredients, with each dish just as masterfully executed as the last. The Hurapans thoughtfully developed a menu that would appeal to every guest at Yi Peng Thai Dining, making Northern Thai cuisine wonderfully accessible for even the most reserved of palates. You can explore a myriad of dishes that draws inspiration from Northern Thai street food, classic family favorites, and elevated staples alike, all prepared with outstanding care and precision.

Appetizers, salads, main dishes, and sides are all available, and the menu features dedicated sections for curry, rice, and noodle dishes. For guests that would sample the signature offerings of Yi Peng Thai Dining, must-try dishes include the Pu Krob (a soft shell crab that is perfectly crispy and flavorfully glazed), the twice-cooked and three-flavor ribs, and the Kang Phet Ped Yang (a red curry made with duck, purple eggplant, and pineapple, served in a traditional clay pot). Saving room for dessert is highly recommended, especially with decadent options such as sweet mango sticky rice, pandan custard fondue, and a vanilla crème Brulee with jackfruit and lychee jelly.

Of course, no meal would be complete without a fabulous beverage, and Yi Peng doesn’t disappoint. In addition to beer and wine, guests can sip craft cocktails, traditional Thai tea and coffee, and even non-alcoholic mocktails.

Prefer to have your meal personally dreamed up by the chefs themselves? The Chef’s Table tasting menu is a treat that any foodie will love, with nine courses selected by Chefs Jett and Jira to give you the ultimate dining experience.

Guests can reserve a table online or over the phone, but walk-ins are also welcome. In addition to traditional dining, Yi Peng Thai Dining also offers online ordering/takeout, catering, and private events in their Houston restaurant.

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